Carolina Accepts Prince Vega’s Invitation – Joins Internet Hollywood’s Promo/Party Team

carolina 7Prince Vega – Upcoming pop singer Carolina has accepted an invitation to be a part of Prince Vega’s new Internet Hollywood promo/party team. The purpose behind the creation of the group is to increase Internet Hollywood’s presence in the physical world outside of the Internet. Members assigned to the group will have meet ups, private parties, dinners, and more. Carolina’s position in the group shares equal rights with every other member that will also help plan cool events for celebrities all across Internet Hollywood to hang out.

Carolina has proven herself to be loyal to her dreams enough to exceed boundaries to conquerer what she deserves as a musician. She’s been a very strong supporter when it comes to the Internet Hollywood brand and its founders Prince Vega and Joey Claris. It was only right to ensure Carolina becomes an all star member in our new party team after all she has done in a short amount of time. Carolina has made front page news on Internet Hollywood three times and has been a Internet Hollywood celebrity for almost nine

The beauty that comes with exploring someone as unique as Carolina is comparable to the skies that rises the setting sun. She’s down to earth, passionate, strong minded, and very talented. Our reporters discovered that her latest music release was a cover of ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna. (Click Here To Listen)


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