Carolina Looking Absolutely Gorgeous For Her 28th Birthday!

carolina new 4Carolina continues to find her way to Internet Hollywood’s front page with gorgeous selfies and music she expresses with her powerful voice. The young hardworking singer is a four time headlining celebrity in Internet Hollywood that has provided positive energy since the start of her journey in March 2015.

Carolina is one of the very few celebrities that has gained the respect of our pairs by being herself no matter who liked it or not. She has been very supportive to Prince Vega’s brand and has offered to help Internet Hollywood on numerous occasions. We are hoping she will become one of the first radio personalities that’ll bless the mic on Tuesdays with her lovely voice.

The extremely talented singer recently released a cover video of Unbreak My Heart on Smule and her voice was beyond magical! Anyone that knows Carolina is well are she’s filled with energy and is a very passionate person when it comes to fulfilling her dreams as a singer. (Listen Here)

She possess very creative designing skills and has shared some of her work through videos on her Facebook page. She’s a good friend of Prince Vega’s and our hopes were she hadtheday of her life for her birthday on May 7th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINA!!!


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