Carrie Madeline discuss working with Andrew Market Photography, wanting to do more dark art imagery, having 50 tattoos, her other hobbies and more!

Beyond The Lens – New Jersey model Carrie Madeline is back on our front page after wrapping up her interview with us late last week. The model was sent eight questions to answer over messenger after being picked out of a list of names we were interested in writing about. We spoke about her growing interest in dark art, her overall goal, whether she’s been judged in a bad way for her tattoos and more.


Madeline answered every question as soon as she could and sent them all to me once she was finished. I took much needed time out of my busy day to make sure I get this interview out for you all to read. I’m very passionate about this model and have shown my support by writing stories about her in the last three years. Her hard work has put her on the front page of Internet Hollywood 22 times. I hope after reading this you will see why she is now receiving her 23rd publication. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens*~*~ /w Carrie Madeline*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Long time no speak Carrie! You have such an overwhelming history with Internet Hollywood that it will be pretty senseless to not interview you when you made front page news in Internet Hollywood 23 times in the last three years. Once this interview is released it will be your 24th. How has things been since your last publication back in February? What are some of the things that went on in your career during the last two seasons?


Madeline: Well, life’s been crazy between all my health issues and bullshit at work, but I’m back and working a lot on my shoots, jewelry sales, and artwork.


Internet Hollywood: What is your overall goal and how has the process been so far in trying to fulfill it?


Madeline: My over all goal currently is to purchase a house to be honest with you. I’m hooding busting my ass with shoots and selling my creations will help with that.


Internet Hollywood: I just seen photos from a shoot you did with Andrew Market Photography. This is one of many photos I seen that captures the art of your amazing poses with a dark background. Is doing that style of shooting your favorite way of modeling?


Madeline: I absolutely adore working with Andrew Market Photography. I would love to do a lot more dark art imagery. I adore gore and horror, so I would definitely have to say that is my favorite theme to shoot!


Internet Hollywood: One thing I known about you for years is that you love tattoos. How many of them do you have and what was the latest tattoo that you got?


Madeline: I have well over 50 tattoos at this point. My newest one was a cat skull with crystal formations on my right arm done by the talented OxiLox.


Internet Hollywood: Have people you considered important in your life judged you in a bad way because of your tattoos?


Madeline: Anyone of importance I’m my life love me how I am… I don’t allow anyone in my life who will judge me, specially base on appearance alone.


Internet Hollywood: Many people from Internet Hollywood are not aware that your talent goes beyond modeling. Could you please fill them in on your other ways of artistically expressing yourself?


Madeline: I am not just a model, I paint, draw, create sculptures from clay, i in general love arts and crafts. And I plan on starting taxidermy soon!


Internet Hollywood: Is it hard to bring an idea you imagine to life a lot of times?


Madeline: I wouldn’t say bringing an idea to life is hard a lot of the time. I would say with the right creative team any thing is possible. And a lot of the time thing that don’t go as planned wind up way better anyway.


Internet Hollywood: Last Question: Who is the real Carrie Madeline beyond the screen that everyone sees online?


Madeline: Who is the real Carrie Madeline you ask? I’m a super nerd most of my free time consists of playing Pokémon, Pathfinder, Custom Heros, Dice Forge, Fluxx, Coup, Secret Hitler… etc… I LOVE dead things, I find beauty in it that not a lot of other people see. I love animals but I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. And I’m a HUGE Packers fan. When I tell people I watch football, they look at me like I have 10 heads. I find it kinda funny. A lot of people think am a party girl but I’m not even a drinker. I’m the type of girl who enjoys Netflix originals over most movies. Super heros/ vigilantes give me lady boners, and if they don’t give you one, well I’m sorry for you, because you have no idea what you’re missing out on. And if you haven’t learned this over the years I’m a sweet heart but I’m definitely a smart ass. Either you love me or hate me, I could care less either way. I am me and I love the life I live. ????


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Carrie Madeline!


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