Carrie Madeline On Kanye West: “I Feel He Is A Disgrace To The Music Industry”

carrie mad 2Kanye West has been capturing a lot of attention as of late after storming Beck’s acceptance speech at the Grammy’s this year. The music artist started to share his controversial opinion on who he felt deserved the “Album Of The Year” award between Beck and Beyonce. The legendary producer is receiving harsh criticism for his actions at the Grammy’s but he continues to smile his way through it. Internet Hollywood celebrity Carrie Madeline had a whole lot to share with our reporters after being asked about the incident. She quickly answered our reporters and told us she was  shocked at Kanye’s actions:

“Kanye storming on stage of the Grammy’s I feel is nothin shocking,” she said. “Look at what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMA’s! For him to go and bash another artist is nothing new at all. I truly feel Kanye thinks he needs to tear others down to keep himself in the limelight. And it is sickening. I don’t know how some of society looks up to him. I feel he is a disgrace to the music industry and we’d be better off if he just stayed in his seat and kept his big mouth shut.”

Carrie Madeline isn’t the only Internet Hollywood celebrity strongly disapproving Kanye West’ action. Model Isabel Vinson is also speaking publicly about how she felt about it, and it wasn’t good at all. Carrie Madeline is currently one of the biggest ProjectXPlatinum models growing inside of our alternative universe. She is the first model to land on the front cover of Internet Hollywood’s first magazine issue that was released back in December.

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