Carrie Madeline Ranked #2 Model Leading Front Page Stories In Internet Hollywood

carriePrince Vega –  It’s important not to judge a book by its cover because of enlightening moments like this that gives factual information to girls who tends to downplay models that has done more than they know. Recently our reporters discovered that Carrie Madeline is ranked the second biggest female headliner in Internet Hollywood after Isabel Vinson.


The New Jersey model has made front page news in Internet Hollywood 18 times since the start of her Internet Hollywood journey back in 2014. Isabel Vinson leads headlines with over 28 top stories, and Lonnie Alex falls in third place with 12. Madeline’s performance among young readers has contributed to the model being the first celebrity to debut on the international top model charts at #10 in August 2015.


Madeline’s success comes with two cover features in Internet Hollywood Magazines that are currently unavailable due to disagreements regarding pricing between Prince Vega and the publishers of the issues. The artist felt that Joomag were charging people too much to purchase the magazines and claimed it was unfair treatment. Models that were concerned about Prince Vega’s approach reached out and talked him into reconsidering the idea of publishing magazines with Joomag. After reconsidering he vowed to make it up to model Carrie Madeline & photographer William Joseph by putting her in a future issue that follows up with Tygeria’s ProjectXPlatinum release.


Carrie Madeline will also be featured in Internet Hollywood’s March Issue that features Tygeria as the cover girl. You can get the latest update on the feature by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on March 10th at 9pm (est.). All you have to do is click “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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