Carrie Madeline Remains Second Leading Model In Front Page Stories, Will Return To Top 10 Models Chart

carrie 1Prince Vega – On September 13th Carrie Madeline will be returning back to the higher ranks in Internet Hollywood’s top models chart that will be revealed while Prince Vega host Internet Hollywood Radio on September 13th. The model will be the first of her own from New Jersey that will carry her state into the biggest battle for models in Internet Hollywood.


A previous report stated models are chosen based on the amount of work they have done that was publicized in the last three months. The chart was made to give us a clear indication on who we feel will be the most successful because of the strategic moves they made to expand their career and brand.


Not only has Madeline outperformed 59% of Internet Hollywood models, she continues to have a slight advantage that will be explained as September 13 approaches in the following week to come. She is the second female leader with 21 front page stories on Internet Hollywood and was the first model to be published in a Internet Hollywood magazine.


Back in August 2015, Carrie Madeline scored her highest rank at #3 in our top models chart. Her, Lonnie Alex and Isabel Vinson arguably had the largest impact in Internet Hollywood in the year of 2015. As a mater of fact, her performance was so overwhelming Prince Vega had to limit the amount of articles posted about her monthly because some felt it was unfairly bias.


Like it or not, even after a year her past performance will most likely secure her a spot on our top 10 model chart for the third time! The amazing photographer behind the featured image of Madeline above was done by William Joseph Photography.


All names of the models will be revealed on Internet Hollywood on September 13. You could tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page on September 13, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. (est).

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