Cartier Chase and StaRr BucKz pays tribute to AR-AB in their new music video ‘AR-AB Freestyle’ featuring Slumz and Fuego Base

Musicians – Rap artists Cartier Chase and StaRr BucKz released a new music video titled ‘AR-AB Freestyle’ on YouTube late last month and I was finally able to check it out this week. The song includes verses from Slumz and Fuego Base and is a 3-minute greatly edited video by Prime Visuals. Cartier gave me the word that he was planning on releasing a music video with StaRr BucKz earlier in the week of its release and told me he would send the link to me when it drops and it definitely did.


The song begins with a clip from an AR-AB interview where he was discussing his life experience growing up in the streets of Philidelphia. Cartier Chase then kicks off his first verse to begin the collaboration between the artists that brought different elements to their flows as Slumz, Fuego Base, and StaRr BucKz chimed in their verses deeper into the song. I highlighted some of the lyrics from the song from each artist.


Cartier Chase

Can’t even breathe while I’m playing 2K/

I swear I wanna leave but I just made 2k/

Getting rich off the rock I’m the new Jay/

It’s a new day, I’m catching all kinds of stunts/

Plus i got ye in the white house like Donald Trump/


After Cartier Chase verse Slumz carried the wave of the song after (in his style) but twists it up with Fuego Base by assisting each other flows in the classic Styles P and Jadakiss type of way. The verse for verse handoff between musicians has always entertained the likes of music listeners because the ability of each artist is tested to assist the melody of each other’s flow with bars that actually made sense and they did a great job on that.


The cycle of verses takes a stroll to rap artist StaRr BucKz that brings in the last verse with a high an energized sound that became the center of attention in many cities in Connecticut and surrounding states around the summer/fall time of this year. In his verse, he brings up his altercation at the MGM casino where his departure from the casino ended up with him being arrested. He flips the bird off at the casino and tells them now they got to pay him and that he be suing. You could check the music video out below!

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