CC & The Sound releases their first acoustic music video titled ‘The After’ on YouTube!

Mayhem Musik – Christina Costello is opening up our ears to her beautiful voice for the very first time and this time she has also included a music video. The musician, whose band name is CC & The Sound, recently released a new music video titled ‘The After’ and it included a pretty cool video as well. Christina sent me the video at the ending of last month and asked if I would like to write about it and I said yes. The acoustic sound of her beautiful voice harmonizing over a beat was something I couldn’t ignore.


The song was performed by CC & The Sound and was written by Christina Costello and Brian Luttrell. The credit also shows that the video was done by Rob Lee and the audio was done by Bryan Yebba. The skilled combination between all parties involved created a rhythm to the beautiful smooth sound of Christina’s acoustic melody. She told me this was “kind of my ode to“I’ll follow you into the dark” by death cab for cutie.


This isn’t the only thing CC & The Sound has planned for their band. Christina told me they are on a quest to release a few acoustic videos and songs in the next few months, and then they will release their EP after. After seeing the music video for ‘The After’ I’ve only grown curious about how things will pan out in the future as they continue to push their steps further into their career. She also told me that a drummer for live shows is also something that is in the works.


Christina has always been a very supportive person to Internet Hollywood and I strongly feels she deserves an enormous amount of love and support back. Her trials and tribulations have been fought with an iron sword and it is impossible not to applaud how strong she has been through it all. I listened to Christina song a lot of times and I look forward to hearing more from her band in the future. Check the video out below!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

CC & The Sound: FacebookYoutube

Yebba Studios (cinematographer): Facebook

Rob Lee (videographer & director): Facebook


K. Elizabeth Photography: Facebook

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