Cerulean.TV: Model Lunara Devers Expresses Her Love For Barack Obama Despite Differences

The beautiful talented up coming model Lunara Devers is one of the very few that isn’t afraid to publicly express herself in the political world where opinions on certain things can be controversial. We’ve seen numerous celebrities grow and fall for delivering certain views that the greater majority were against while portions were for. We applaud all those that respect the views and opinions of others despite sharing some opposing views on certain issues that effects our world till this very day. Cerulean.TV caught up with the adorable Lunara Devers to get her thoughts on headlining news trending across Internet Hollywood about Barack Obama after Prince Vega released a song called “Conquerors” with fellow rapper Joe Banga. The model seamed to understand the point of views from others though she had a different perception on the controversial topic.


“I think i understand the struggle and the game,” she explained. “I didn’t hear all of it, I have to listen again, the first person that went on had like an echo effect in the mic or something. That’s my only note but i read some of the comments and someone said something about yes, repeal Obamacare. I’m all for Obama but I understand some people’s frustrations with getting a hand out or seeing our taxes being handed out (our taxes should sit in treasury collecting interest! Not). People want education and opportunity. I feel like that was the message and I’m all for it”

Devers continued to express her views in great detail by understanding what could be the reason for an artist to snap at the president in their music.

“I also love when for example, and artist feels two different ways about the same thing and the media is all over them for it like, which one is it?! And it’s both, you are an artist and a human and you can feel one way about the struggle and its not fair. You hate it but at the same time mom lives in the hood and makes miracles every thanksgiving and you are blessed to come from the hood as opposed to growing up a pretentious b****.”

One could not deny that Lunara Devers knows what its like being under the political pressure with her father (Marcos Devers) being a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The athletic beauty is also a dancer that has an amazing goal to open up her own dance studio one day. We could only predict with her enthusiasm to work her way through the hard times will make her learning experience the reason she will reach success at a very high level. Prince Vega recruited Lunara to ProjectXPlatinum weeks before her debut headline which is now! We are truly grateful to have such a sweet and down to earth person apart of this movement and we will support her until the very end.


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