Cerulean.TV: Model Carrie Madeline Keeps Her Heart Warm For Tyra Banks

Saturday night is witnessing lights after this little star decided to dress it up for a “Selfie” flick. The incredibly stunning alternative tattoo model kept her eyes to the sky while she glowed inside of her absolutely stunning body during her selfie moment. The growing celebrity stated she was preparing to make her way to the flea market. I’m sure those that know her wished the local flea market was in driving distance from their house after receiving the update across Facebook. I can’t deny, I was one of them. (lol) Leading up to the status days before was another update where Carrie Madeline stated she’s inspired by Tyra Banks and wanted to meet her.

“I want to meet Tyra Banks. She is the one of the most inspirational women in the world. Everything that I have done so far, shes inspired me to do. How I wish I could do a Photo shoot with her…  p.s. Im going to be keeping an eye out for when the next casting is for America’s Next Top Model. If anyone sees anything, and I havent posted about it yet PLEEEASSSEEE let me know!!!”

Carrie Madeline was recruited into the ProjectXPlatinum freelance organization after Prince Vega discovered her Facebook on a photographers page. This article marks her Internet Hollywood debut and we are positive this is only the beginning of many headlines to come in the future. One Carrie Madeline’s latest shoots was with photographer William Joseph.  The model is standing high in black & white for a bunny shoot she looked absolutely stunning for!



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