Cerulean.TV: Model Cheyenne Marie Excited About InternetHollywood Radio Premiere May 13th

Without a doubt the noise is only growing louder across our universe following the recent news involving the premiere of our new radio show that’s been postponed three times due to communication errors. We finally have a date secure enough to guarantee a launch that is expected to draw in thousands of listeners on the evening of May 13th! Cerulean.TV has caught up with upcoming model Cheyenne Marie to get her thoughts on what she thinks about the exciting news.


“I think it’s fantastic! It has a new and exciting feel to it that I think will appeal to everyone. What an awesome way to grow and promote upcoming as-we’ll as established artists and models, keeps it real!”

Cheyenne went on to describe the importance of having a social networking tool that could generate thousands of listeners in a short amount of time for upcoming talents in need of exposure.

“It’s very important. Social networking can be a useful tool, however radio is a great way to reach an even bigger audience on an even larger scale.”

Cheyenne is a well deserving Native American/German/Swedish/Scott mixed beautiful model with enough talent to put herself in a field far from others. The 20-year-old sweetheart has found herself in the mix of the alternative universe with numerous models that thrives on their passion for making it big in the world of modeling. Her unique ability has drawn a crowd of a few thousand and we expect it to get bigger as time goes by. Cheyenne is also a Visual Candy’s model that has been recruited by Prince Vega to ProjectXPlatinum after discovering her page on a photographers fan page!









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