Cerulean.TV: Model Cristal Catalina Speaks On The Premiere Of Internet Hollywood Radio May 13th

The headlines is again stockpiling the reaction to the new radio show that has been going through numerous delays before premiering. The international launch of Internet Hollywood Radio has failed to officially launch its third rescheduled date due to communication errors. We only hoped times would make things better and it definitely did! The date is finally solid enough to guarantee the launch of a very successful radio show that is expected to draw thousands of listeners on its premiere! What’s an radio show without our adorable Cristal Catalina. Cerulean.TV has caught up with the beautiful headlining ProjectXPlatinum model to get her thoughts on the upcoming show and she seamed very excited!


I feel that this idea Prince Vega & Joey Claris created to help promote models all around the world by launching InternetHollywood.com’s own radio show powered by Joey Claris Production along with Internet Hollywood’s own show will give definite coverage of astonishing, straightforward news from PrinceVega.com, InternetHollywood.com, JoeyClaris.com as well as the models of ProjectXPlatinum,” she said. “This idea sounds exciting and something I am definitely looking forward to because I plan on becoming apart of this team to help in any way, shape or form. I support this 110% and will do whatever it takes to become apart of this amazing adventure. This will give anyone as well as models and others that are associated in this industry massive exposure which a person needs if they want to be successful in this business or in their own life’s journey.”

Cristal Catalina is found her way into the headlining universe since her debut on Internet Hollywood. The talented model has already worked her way into three headlines, and has already caused a chain reaction with model Jamie Lynn after publicly speaking against Barack Obama’s leadership. Cristal Catalina is a force in the making of a powerful modeling career that’s going to take her over and beyond in the future. Cristal Catalina was recruited to ProjectXPlatinum by Prince Vega a week before her debut headlining as one of the biggest models in Internet Hollywood.


Tune Into Internet Hollywood Radio

May 13th at 5:00 PM EST.

On InternetHollywood.com


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