Cerulean.TV: Model Emily Ford Keeps It Real; Speaks On Internet Hollywood Premiere May 6th

emily hot

The headlines are again circulating the latest news following the universal reaction to Internet Hollywood’s new radio show that will be premiering on Prince Vega & Joey Claris’s new radio station on May 6th. Numerous Visual Candy’s models from ProjectXPlatinum has publicly shared their thoughts to Cerulean.TV about the new show that is expected to draw thousands of listeners. Cerulean.TV caught up with the Beautiful young modeling princess Emily Ford to get her thoughts on the idea of launching a radio show for the popular website.

“Yes I think it’s an awesome idea,” She told us. “Because those are great promoting and marketing tools for entertainers from all walks of life. Its great to get the exposure that we all deserve and work so hard for. Especially for Vega and Joey as well, as I’m sure they are both very busy with the upkeep of these sites, along with the new radio show! Lots of hard work goes into everything that is great.”

Emily is without a doubt finding her way through the silence by moving impressively though the alternative universe as a freelance model silently. She’s been keeping the eyes of her following occupied with steamy new photos done with the help of Wet Ltd, PJ Photography and more. Everyone that knows Emily personally may find a sudden interest to her playful side. The model was recently spotted exchanging  playful blows with Visual Candy’s owner Peter Buccheri after he updated a status joking about trolls. Emily is slowly gaining credibility with her hidden sense of curiosity with the new people she deals with. The model took her time before making the decision in joining ProjectXPlatinum and we can’t knock her for that. The  best thing for a model to do in this “scamish” industry is to look out for herself before making a choice to deal with anybody, especially outside of the professional world. Emily will most likely be one out of thousands that will dominate the Internet Hollywood billboard charts starting late May!


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