Cerulean.TV: Model Jessy Erinn Speaks To Us About Internet Hollywood’s New Radio Show Premiere

jessy looking great

Beautiful Canadian model Jessy Erinn is expressing her views on Prince Vega’s latest announcement following the launch of Internet Hollywood’s first radio station that is expected to launch Sunday, April 27th a 9:00 PM EST..  The two time headlining ProjectXPlatinum model was confronted by JoeyClaris Television and asked what was her thoughts on the breaking news trending across the Internet Hollywood Universe.

“Radio Show is an awesome idea I feel it will reach more people on a more personal level. Radio has been around for years and has always been a great venue to reach large audiences. It is a more personal way to interview people as well as a way for the audience and fans to really get to know the people Prince Vega and Joey Claris are intervening on a more personal level. Much more convenient way to communicate as well all you need to do is tune in and get entertained.”

Jessy Erinn has already worked her way into the high ranks in the alternative world of freelance modeling. The blond sweetheart has climbed the notches in the professional world of modeling through outlets like Playboy and Biznu. Jessy dominance across the web is to blame for her strong following of over 276 thousand!  Her competitiveness in contests gained her a stronger unique view outside the eyes of those in search for something fresh and new! Where else could they possible find that if not with Jessy Erinn? Jessy is also a new member to the ProjectXPlatinum movement that’s expected to make a strong impact on the international charts in the upcoming month!

Listen To Internet Hollywood Radio Here On Sunday, April 27th at 9:00 PM EST.


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