Cerulean.TV: Model Kayla Albert Responds To The Universe; Swings Obama

The universal debate following Cristal Catalina & Jamie Lynn’s response to Obamacare has expanded internationally. The adorable models has triggered a  response from readers all across the Internet Universe. The debate started after Prince Vega repeatedly bashed government corruption & Obamacare in a new song  featuring hometown friend/rapper Joe Banga called “Conquerors”. The reaction of those willing to touch on the controversial subject became greater as the days went by, which forced us to headline it across Internet Hollywood. Model Kayla Albert is now breaking the glass as fast as the ear could hear; letting the noise be heard through her powerful voice, she makes it very clear she isn’t interested in Obamacare.

“I don’t want to be forced to buy something. I think that is against our rights to force us. I can’t be forced to by something in stores, what gives him the right? I barely make anything at my work, so buying that would give me nothing to bring home to my family. I feel as though Obama is failing rapidly as our president. He talked about change, what has changed in the past, what, 5 years he has been in office? Our country is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, and getting worse every year”

Kayla Albert is a thriving ProjectXPlatinum model who actively engages in her profession of modeling, and has been doing an amazing job as one as-well. The stunning beauty was recruited by Prince Vega earlier this month!




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