Cerulean.TV: Model Mandy Speaks To Cerulean.TV About Internet Hollywood Radio Premiere May 6th

mandyThe latest news following the premiere of Internet Hollywood’s first radio show is the recent scheduling after multiple delays. We finally got confirmation that the official premiere date for Internet Hollywood Radio will be March 6th At 5:00 PM EST.. The live Internet radio station will stream it’s signals across InternetHollywood.com and PrinceVega.com every Tuesday! The news following Prince Vega’s announcement were met with numerous responses across the Internet universe. Models Tygeria, Jessy Erinn and Kayla Albert also spoke excitingly to Cerulean.TV about the new upcoming station that will cover the latest news following the alternative world. We’ve recently caught up with Visual Candy’s model Mandy to get her thoughts on the new launch that is expected to rock the Internet world after premiering!

“I think its a great idea! What better promotion then your viewer’s being able to hear how we sound,” She said. “They’ve seen our photos, read our post but now can take that extra step to get to know us. Plus so much more can be said when physically speaking rather then reading an emotionless post/story.”

She also weighed in on the strong effect Internet Hollywood has with its increasing traffic that have already pulled in up to a quarter-million readers its first month.

“Internet Hollywood expanding as it is into a multimedia platform is a smart business move and with the already large following now being able to connect on a whole new level I believe the viewing numbers will continue to grow in its already rapidly expanding rate.”

Mandy’s passion can also be found behind the lens of a flashing camera! The beautiful model is also a photographer that edits as good as she models. Mandy is without a doubt creative with no matching comparison to share her determination in fulfilling her goals! The Visual Candy’s model was brought on board with ProjectXPlatinum two weeks ago by Prince Vega!



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