Cerulean.Tv: Model Tygeria Speaks On Internet Hollywood Premiering On JoeyClaris Radio This Sunday

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ProjectXPlatinum headliner is expressing her thoughts after recent announcements broke into our headlines about Prince Vega’s new Internet Hollywood radio show on Joey Claris’s new radio station! The debut of the new station will mark the premiere of international media coverage on internet sensations across the worldwide web.  Tygeria will be among thousands of models that will receive coverage on all her latest news updates on the radio show that will premiere Sunday, April 27th at 9:00 PM EST.. JC7TV caught up with Tygeria to get her thoughts on Prince Vegs & Joey Claris launching Internet Hollywood’s new radio show on Joey Claris’s new station.

“I think it’s great. If you have so many people interested in the site. I think it would be crazy to not try some other things out. I have seen another radio station do it and I believe that it’s a wonderful idea to get models and the radio promotion. It builds the fan base so they can work as a team. I just hope the models and the station get all the success they wish for.”

Tygeria is a powerful name in the alternative world of modeling with an undeniable amount of success that generated a following of over 347 thousand! The beautiful young talented model was recruited into the freelance modeling organization 2 weeks ago by Prince Vega after discovering her recent photos across a photographers page. Tygeria is one of the few that has already gained credibility through the Internet Hollywood universe after headlining in her own story a couple days after Internet Hollywood’s launch. Tygeria reputation is solid enough to guarantee nothing but success in a bright promising future!


Listen To Internet Hollywood Radio Here On Sunday, April 27th at 9:00 PM EST.

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