Cerulean.TV: Modeling Beauty Yi More Takes On Internet Hollywood Challenge; Joins Boxing Classes

yi 1The phenomenal debut of this upcoming headlining model has now crossed the Internet Hollywood universe with a following of over 36,000 strong! Yi’s incredible talent has balanced a maintainable fan base that keeps their support at a comfortable level, which is even more pleasurable. The skill produced by Yi’s posing abilities stimulates the urges of those intimately influenced by her heartwarming poses that closes you into her goddess realm of fantasies. The imagination becomes apart of the reality hidden under your subconscious mind that entwines the passionate puzzle that feels you emotionally inside piece by piece.  It’s hard not to want the eyes hidden behind the fine craft put together by the grateful gods themselves! Yi’s heart is open to explore the personalities of others and since her alternative modeling journey she’s caught the attention of fans from all backgrounds. The modeling beauty has found herself in the eyes of the public with numerous photos she shared recently partying it up with a few friends during the weekend. Despite the distance in professional photo shoots, Yi’s still been keeping her fans occupied with interesting status updates, selfies and other cute photos of herself outside of her modeling career.

The young athletic beauty has recently announced to her followers that she is now taking up boxing classes! I would only pray that the lucky man that ends up winning this adorable angel’s heart don’t end up breaking it alongside his jaw that will follow. I promise that its nothing like ending up on the sleeping end of a little fist swung by an angry model that’s twice your size. (lol) I’m just joking people, relax! Yi’s active involvement in the social media realm will easily earn her a spot in the Internet Hollywood charts that is expected to launch in the beginning of May!


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