Cerulean.TV: ProjectXPlatinum Co-Founder Isabel Vinson Absolutely Stunning In New Photoshoot!

isabel newWords can’t describe the time and effort it may have took for Myke Yeager to put together this amazing masterpiece with the beautiful Isabel Vinson. The ProjectXPlatinum co-founder also combined her beauty with Intricate Artistry. The imagination couldn’t of been anymore realer outside of the artistic minds of those involved with making this photo in such great detail! Who could not applaud Isabel’s hard work after countless years in the alternative world of modeling, including helping to establish one of the most powerful freelance organizations for models in the social media world – ProjectXPlatinum! Isabel recently brought the recent photo to light after updating a status on Facebook tagging Mike Yeager Photography and Intricate Artistry for her friends and fans to see! The ProjectXPlatinum queen is by far one of the most hardest working models growing across the social media realm with a heart that’s as large as her fan base. The crediting info on Isabel Vinson’s historic modeling journey could probably piece up its on phone book! I’m so not kidding about this. The last time I remember getting involved with a photo shoot was during my senior year in high school. It was so horrible they left my picture out of the year book and just put a “not available” logo to cover their tracks – bastards. The level of success could stress the viewership of a thriving model based on her opinion alone. We’ve learned as time flies no eyes could blind themselves to the force that follows Isabel Vinson. She is known for expressing how she feels regardless who likes it or not. I’ve to witnessed how emotional Isabel can become but it doesn’t cover the fact that she’s incredibly sweet and willing to help whoever truly needs it. Stay awesome Isabel!


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