Cerulean.TV: Shelby Lynn Debuts In Internet Hollywood; Prepares To Release New Modeling Photos?

shelby hotThe amount of attention storming across the web internationally has created a cloud unlike any other across Internet Hollywood. We’ve witnessed the growing energy following updates that have found its way to headlining news in just minutes. The news broke by our journalist has proven statistically that talented individuals in the alternative world is gaining credibility with a farther reach in the digital age! Shelby Lynn is now making her debut across the headlining universe of Internet Hollywood for her excellent efforts to keep her base excited with new updates on her modeling career. The lovable new comer is no stranger to the alternative world of modeling; with her following growing over 33 thousand strong only after a year, nobody could deny Shelby’s impressive way of garnering the attention of fans in search for the next best thing. We are please to say those fans are in for more than they hoped for after Shelby’s recent announcement on Facebook! The model has announced that she will be releasing new photos “IF” her status on Facebook pulls in over 125 likes (which it did). The experienced blue-eyed model is fit to take on the role in multiple fields that expands her talent in the modeling universe, such as art, acting, fitness, fashion, lifestyle and more! Shelby has made her way through the Internet Hollywood universe after catching Prince Vega’s attention a few weeks leading up to her debut in our universe! Shelby is devoted to her career as a careful model that takes her role as one very seriously. A known goal publicly known throughout her journey in the alternative universe is to be in the magazine Maxim! We welcome the beautiful Shelby to our universe and we wish her the best of luck in her journey!


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