Charrita Nelson Makes History For Being The First Published Female Photographer In Internet Hollywood

Prince Vega – Los Angeles Photographer Charrita Nelson will finally be added to Arlene Diaries where she will be nominated for an Arlene award for being the first female photographer to be published in Internet Hollywood. The photographer has managed to achieve eight publications on our website for her hard work that we predict will double in front page stories throughout the year 2017.


Nelson’s hard work has carried quite the torch in Internet Hollywood. Outside of her own publications, her name was mentioned in six articles belonging to other growing Internet sensations. She has greatly influenced our community with her strong support and fascinating talent. She is now being strongly recommended by members of our committee for bookings. Her website “” greatly details the services Nelson provide for great prices: weddings, fashion, head shots, tasteful, wedding/engagements, red carpet, children, and more.


Internet Hollywood has received support plenty of times from the Cal State Dominiguez Hills graduate who majored in television arts with a minor in digital graphics. She was the one who took all those awesome pictures we shared of the BET Hip Hop Awards back in 2014.(read here)


We are grateful to include Charrity Nelson’s name to our history book that will be available for the public to see on Valentines Day. The Arlene award symbolizes the most memorable moments done by Internet sensations that’s reported on by Internet Hollywood. The list of nominees will include all sensations who has made history throughout Internet Hollywood’s existence. The award will be given at Internet Hollywood’s first party in April or mailed out to the winner the following week.

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