Charts: Cthree Crowned #1 Rap International Headliner, Snacks Ranked #2, S.O.S Lands #3

top ten preThe universe is finally filling their international billboard slots for the month of August and it’s looking really good for S.O.S and California rapper Cthree. The latest results shows the progress of all upcoming artists debuting in our realm from the start of August all the way until now. After an intense battle between the growing forces lighting up our headlines during the second floor committee voting session, it’s no surprise to see rappers like Cthree, Snacks Giggaty and S.O.S appear on the Top Ten. The amount of controversy surrounding their recent feuds was enough to build the hype while entering our universe as musicians. The endless flow of energy provided by the public to help the feuds gain publicity made the state of hop hop on the underground something worth watching! The new outlet used for promotion through our private voting system will record the ranks of all rappers in our new ‘Game Of Rap’ season starting November. The purpose of the ‘Game Of Rap’ creation will give the public more to anticipate when tuning into contests and battles where every win and loss will go on record. Artists involved in the contests and battles will not be forced into the Game Of Rap series. They all will have an option to not participate whenever a contest or battle occurs. The billboards now are currently giving everyone a glimpse of how effective headlining in our universe is for every rapper voted into our top ten. Whenever an artist makes it to 250% the remaining nine rappers that pass 200% will be ranked in the order from highest to lowest based on their percentage. Cthree currently stands at 250% against  Snacks Giggaty’s 225% in the run. S.O.S continues to follow behind at #3 with 200% of the private committee votes!

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