CHARTS: GOLD Voted Into Top Ten, Talon Haynes Falls, Snacks Ties With Prime – Where’s Joe Banga?


The most powerful Impact is happening before the eyes of our growing committee in our universe. Upcoming Artist G.O.L.D is tearing the roof with proof of his dominance after gaining three votes from our committee, landing the artist at 75 percent. Talon Haynes remains under two votes close to G.OL.D while Joe Banga gains momentum to secure four votes at 100 percent. The strong battle to 250% opens the gates to escape the local realm to enter the International charts to face artist from all over our universe. If the artist makes it to 250% they will then enter the International charts to face artists from all over the world in our realm. The impressive debut from G.O.L.D follows the load of headlines that came after his face off with upcoming Connecticut artist Prophet860 back in January. Prime Ex steps is just the beginning after winning 7 members votes to close in at 175% behind Snacks 200 percent. The thirteen member party is designed to recognize the efforts coming from upcoming artist that puts their heart into the work they do. Every artist must reach 250% to enter into the international charts in Internet Hollywood before gaining a huge amount of exposure through our other outlets! The international charts will be starting in the beginning of September! Congratulations to all the artist that gets voted into the charts.

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