Christina Costello talks about her animation project getting millions of views, her bands EP, singing, and more!

Interviews – It is always a great pleasure to catch up with someone as strong and as passionate as Christina Costello. The independent model and vocalist spoke with me quite a few times before and the amount of interviews we’ve been doing have been stacking up. I just had to get in touch with her to find out some of the latest things that’s been going on in her life and what she has been doing. I hope you enjoy reading!


~*~*Interview /w Christina Costello*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Christina?! This is our third interview together for Internet Hollywood! LOL. This looks to be a daily thing for some reason and I appreciate you making that happen. It’s always a good thing to follow up. Now let’s get it started! You were recently involved in a few animation projects that skyrocketed into millions of views on Youtube. I’m sure that must’ve been an overwhelming feeling. How did these animation project come about and did you think the videos would be a successful as they are now?


Christina: Awe thank you! I’m so excited to talk with you again! Especially with how kind and patient you’ve been with me. 🙂 It’s been a super overwhelming feeling, but definitely in a good way. I ended up finding an audition in a voice acting group, and despite not having voice acting experience my traditional acting experience was accepted and I was allowed to audition. It’s been so fun. The videos are pretty silly since they’re intended for children, so I wasn’t entirely sure how successful they’d be. But it’s so cool to see that children everywhere are enjoying the videos with their families!


Internet Hollywood: What’s also dope is you did a lot of singing on one of the episodes I seen when you sent me the links. How did it feel to take on a musical role and see it play out in animation form and what was your thoughts when you seen the episode for the first time?


Christina: It was definitely a weird process. I do everything from home, which is a blessing and a curse. I’m very nit picky about my singing, so i must’ve recorded a hundred takes, haha. Singing in character is also really strange. You have to make sure you’re in key and on pitch still, but in a voice that is totally different from your own. Seeing it all together was a really cool feeling!


Internet Hollywood: Are there more voice acting gigs that you are currently involved in that we all should look out for in the future?


Christina: Ha, Well I sure hope so! I did the main voices in a point and click horror game that will be coming out on steam later in the year. I also have been recording a lot of videos with little angel on YouTube, the children’s company.


Internet Hollywood: You also have your band still going on as well. Are you planning on working on any new projects?


Christina: Yes! We are planning on finishing up our EP this year and getting that out on streaming services hopefully! I’m also working on a short film called Wallie’s Gals in October which I think is going to be absolutely hilarious. I’m really excited about that one.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of people are you hoping to connect with this year to help contribute to the expansion of your career and what are some of the goals you are hoping to fulfill now that we’re deeper into 2019?


Christina: I’m honestly hoping to work more in the voice over field. With recovering from a pretty big surgery, voice over has been a blessing because it’s something I can put all my energy into but still be able to rest.


Internet Hollywood: What is the best way for someone to reach you when they’re trying to collaborate or do some other kind of business with you?


Christina: Facebook messenger or email! I do a lot of business from Facebook, but I also take booking inquiries via email.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Christina!




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