Cindy Moran Believes Runway Modeling Should Be Changed, Talks Expanding As A Latina Model

cindy-images-7Connecticut model Cindy Moran has an interesting point of view that may resonate with millions of models who believes things need to change in the model industry. The model recently was questioned by our reporters and gave her widely shared views that slams the stereotypes in the model industry.


Moran stated, “If I could have changed something about the modeling industry, it would be runway modeling because you need to be a certain size and height to be in those shows.” She also went on to explain how she loved fashion shows and wanted to expand her abilities to help open the eyes of many designers


“I always loved high fashion and runway, and I am hoping I can be a role model for girls that want to be in that position. As a Latina, who’s not a size 0 I want to be able to expand my abilities and open the eyes on many designers. It is not about focusing on one market. If we all collaborated, designers could find a different niche for their products and models will be able to have less pressure when it comes to being a certain weight, height or ethnicity.”


Cindy Moran’s active involvement in modeling has earned her 6 published stories on Internet Hollywood. She is one of the very few gorgeous Latina models who has been published more than once.


Photography by James McCrea

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