Claudia Rivarelli Gives Internet Hollywood Her Tips On How To Be A Successful CrossFIT Model

claudia new 4Bikini fitness model Claudia Rivarelli is no stranger to the athletic sport of cross fitness. Many photos captures the hard work she puts into working out her body to keep herself athletic for herself and modeling. Her perfectly structured body reveals the amazing definition that proves she challenges herself to rise above the pressure that holds many back. Claudia’s love for sports combined her athletic skills with modeling and opened a lane only she could walk on. Imagining her steps crossing our minds outside of her shoes would make the thought of it dissatisfying. Claudia continues to be one of her very own growing through the roots of our soil from beyond the crop of a brand new seed. She has not only trained her body; she’s socially active in the field of communication science and knows multiple languages. The Brazilian goddess has trained herself to invite all possibilities into her life with the impressive talents she have to offer it. Before Claudia was a runway fashion model she started off as a fashion designer at the age of 16! How incredibly cool is that? Internet Hollywood caught up with the super talented Claudia Rivarelli to get the scoop on the challenges that comes with being a Crossfit model.


“Well in my case, patience is the hardest part. I don’t have much haha. I’m very anxious and eager for things to happen quickly. I need to remember to be patient. I am very focused and dedicated in my training. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have a good cardio routine and try to eat good and healthy to facilitate my training. Attitude is the other key. If you don’t have the right attitude you will not go anywhere. You can be very beautiful but need more things for success such as a winning personality, strong character, and trust in yourself.”

Claudia also went on to give her final tips on how to be a successful model if you are starting off and wish to pursue a career as a CrossFit model.

“If you have an athletic body and you train with discipline,”she explained. “This is the best way for you to get some initial interest from magazines. You won’t get anywhere if you’re out of shape.”

Claudia is the newest model to enter our Internet Hollywood universe and have already found herself at the center of our page. Its not hard to see that we favor her work and the amazing effort she does to put all the work she does together for us all to see in amazing photos. Claudia is clearly a breath of fresh air flowing through our bodies while we perceive her beauty through our senses from our computer screens. We welcome Claudia to our Internet Hollywood universe and we look forward to her topping our charts in months to come!



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