C’Michelle reveals her products for the IH Fashion Show: “I will be using my makeup line of cosmetics C’Michelle and MAC”

(IH Live Access) – MUA C’Michelle is giving us the inside story on how she feels as we get closer to the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show that will be taken place at the Natick Elks Lodge in Natick, Massachusetts. I recently caught up with the model over Facebook messenger to get the inside scoop by sending a couple of questions for her to answer and she didn’t mind doing that at all. Enjoy reading her answers!


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Internet Hollywood: Hey Carla! We are a little over a week away from the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and the talk about it has been increasing in a lot of areas in New England. There has been a huge amount of promotion behind it and many people have confessed that they were a little nervous as we get closer to the day. How excited are you about this event and are you looking forward to doing makeup for model’s walking for Eccentric Chic Designs?


Carla:  Hi Justin. I am very happy and excited to be apart of the Internet Hollywood fashion show event. As a freelance makeup artist networking and being apart of this industry! Working with eccentric chic is always a pleasure she is great!


Internet Hollywood: Now you are definitely skilled with makeup and you put in that work. What makeup products are you planning on using for the models that you will be working on and do you have any idea what you will be doing to their faces?


Carla: I will be using my makeup line of cosmetics C’Michelle and MAC. Honestly, I have to consult with eccentric chic for a makeup look.


Internet Hollywood: You’re not only going there as yourself but as a brand as well. What made you feel like this kind of event would be perfect for you and what made you want to be a voluntary makeup artist?


Carla: I generally love to be asked to do events for a cause and to be apart of events that highlight this industry. I do a lot of free work when I decide to and I figure voluntary work will pay off with the right exposure.


Internet Hollywood: One of the big discussions that are taken place is the type of music everyone would like to hear the DJ play. What genre of music do you feel the most comfortable listening to and would you like to hear any songs in particular?


Carla: I am Jamaican and I love my culture’s music, but I like to listen to hip hop, rap, pop, Spanish. I don’t really have a particular song but I do like Stefflondon music.


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain from this event and do you have any other projects or events coming in the month of July?


Carla:  I hope to gain more social media exposure, potential clients for makeup business, a working professional relationship with you, copies of my makeup work from photographers to add to my book portfolio and meeting new people yay!!!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Carla! I look forward to meeting you for the first time at the show!


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