Colombian Model Gloria Conroy Returns To America After Third Trip To Colombia This Year

Internet Hollywood News- Internet Hollywood’s first Colombian model Gloria Conroy has returned back to America after multiple trips to Colombia for personal family matters we will not disclose without authorization. The Arlene Diary nominee has been keeping things silent as she handled her duties with her very strong family back in Colombia and we understand that. We all have our times where we need to plug out of the social media world to deal with our personal life that is far more important.


Conroy is finally back in the beautiful states and has remained positive and strong since her arrival. I’ve been keeping in touch with the gorgeous model who has always supported me and Internet Hollywood since her debut in January of last year.


She was published on page 13 in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of this year! She is a very influential figure that has managed to receive nine publications in Internet Hollywood in one year. We predict those numbers will double by the third quarter of 2017.


Conroy has contributed to the Internet Hollywood universe in ways very few people have. Her contribution has helped Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega save Internet Hollywood radio last year after some critical updates kept Vega’s attention away from the servers. She was the true friend that stepped and showed her support. We are truly grateful for everything she has done for us!

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