Columbian Model Gloria Conroy Shows Off Her Buns On Vacation In Punta Cana!

gloria 6

Prince Vega – Columbian cutie Gloria Conroy sure knows how to enjoy her time and look good while doing it. The two time headlining model recently shared a photo of her voluptuous curves in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The model stared between the lens of her dark shades looking bubbly as ever with a playboy bunny tattoo showed on the right side of gorgeous buns.


It is questionable how long the vacation lasted, but it is easy to tell she was having one hell of a time. Conroy officially debuted in Internet Hollywood shortly after being contacted by one of our representatives earlier this year. Her official start as a Internet Hollywood celebrity started on the 8th of January when she took selfie photos of her gorgeous body in a dazzling bikini. (photo below)


gloria 5Conroy has been a very supportive model and a loyal friend to Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. We can predict that she’ll be an impactful model with a huge following to back her trail to the top of our Top Model Charts in future months to come. She has a positive attitude and a heartwarming personality that she shares with the world and nobody can change that.


Many readers will soon find out that Gloria has a very strong Columbian accent that resembles the popular actress Sofia Vergara. Why shouldn’t she? I did point out that she’s Columbian. Her voice is very enjoyable to the ears of those that listens to how her words flow beautifully off of her lips. We are hoping to get an interview with her sometime soon!

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