Coming Soon: The finale to season one of the ‘Ounces’ web series will be 60-90 minutes long!

Mayhem MusikK – This is some pretty exciting to news to everyone that has been keeping up with the independent web series called ‘Ounces’ that’s been independently released online. I just saw that the administrator of their page on Facebook published a new post that revealed that they’re filming a 60-90 minute finale to finish off the whole season.


It is not known when the finale to the episode will be released I plan on being caught up on the episodes I didn’t watch yet this weekend. I will be picking up where I left off on episode 3. Since I haven’t watched the other episodes I cannot give my own review yet or go into a full breakdown of what I think will happen next. But I encourage everyone to check this series out because I wasn’t disappointed at all in how the dialogue is when it comes to the chemistry between the characters in this film. Everyone acting in this project did a really great job with that.


According to the fan page, the web series revolves around three men in the city of Hartford, Connecticut that finds themselves in a drug battle with their competition to get bigger on an already popular and congested strip; not belonging to them. Being new hustlers, they are forced to face the drama of not being big time.


You could watch all of the last episodes by going to their Facebook page and clicking on the video section! (WATCH HERE)



Ounces: Facebook

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