Confirmed: Fashion designer Prettie Jerez to throw her fashion runway show with Internet Hollywood in September

Internet Hollywood News – The news has finally been confirmed and Rhode Island fashion designer Prettie Jerez will be teaming up with Prince Vega and Justine Frazier to throw a fashion runway show in September. The news about the possibilities of the runway shows combining came out early May when Internet Hollywood board members had discussions about including the casting call at the next Internet Hollywood party in August. They later decided to move forward as planned.


Jerez and MUA Justine Frazier has been the powerful minds behind putting together the fashion runway show. They both put as much time as they can to put together everything that was needed to make sure the presence of the runway show will be felt at the August party as well. They rounded up most of the designers and helped groom out the idea for the casting call so models of all sizes could walk.


The idea of having a Internet Hollywood fashion show this soon came because of Justine Frazier. She had a gigantic vision and suggested that it would be a good idea. After Prince Vega talked with Jerez, he noticed she already had plans in store to throw a fashion runway show in August. That’s when he talked with Prettiiee Jerez about the possibilities of combining their on the same date. That is now a reality!


Prettie Jerez is also a model that has been published in Internet Hollywood three times. We predict a heavy increase publications about her during the summer.


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