Congratulations: Bentley Is Now Officially Internet Hollywood’s Newest Model

bently editModel Bentley is now opening up a new door in her life that will fill the shoes of some very powerful models. The Italian goddess is finally evening the odds in our digital universe with her power presence that is expected to be felt by thousands of Internet Hollywood celebrities. Her adorable face is made for stages that sit beyond glory in the famous life that comes with modeling. Her energy is the guiding force that will ensure her dominance as a strong woman in the modeling industry. No one can deny that her attitude reflects the gift she possess when she truly believes in something enough to conquer it. Bentley was recruited into the powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement after a member of our private committee recommended that we select her as one of our newest models. It’s easy to assume the amazing things that will be in store in the future for Bentley now that she’s finally making her debut in Internet Hollywood. We can predict Bentley’s journey in our digital world will lead her to dozens of magazines, awards, movie roles, and more in the future! We are proud to open our arms up for this incredible, strong, and passionate model that we feel will reach places unreached before. Her beautiful eyes defines the strength she holds inside that sits in clear view for everyone to see. Who could deny it? Although we know very little of our Bentley, we are hoping to get familiar with her as her name continues to grow. The model decided to pursue her career as a model after an Internet Hollywood representative talked her into trying it out. We are excited to push the model into the lights of stardom as a star that everyone can support. Her positive energy will determine the path she takes while making her presence known as our newest model. Internet Hollywood’s universe first took note of Bentley’s name after Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega repeatedly shouted out her name during Internet Hollywood radio this past Tuesday. Her Official fan page is finally up and running, so show your support and follow her by clicking the link below!


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