Congratulations: ProjectXPlatinum Model Arieanna Ties The Knot With Her Boyfriend Andrae

arie 3

ProjectXPlatinum has a lot to celebrate besides the launch of a very successful site that has already racked over 19,700 views! We’ve got word that Arieanna is going Carrico after updating her status to let everyone know of the small wedding that took place today. Puzzled by the shock; I honestly can say I’m surprised even while knowing a wedding was scheduled to take place soon.

Arieanna’s Status:

So yes today we got married. This was the small one so Andrae C—–o can move on and join the army. We are having a big wedding after he graduates boot camp. We hope you can all respect our choice.

No mixed emotions was publicly shared, but those who may have felt some type of way will have a chance to see the couple get married in a bigger wedding after Andrae comes back from the army! Arieanna is very sweet down to earth person with a bestfriend name Jessica Lyn that would pretty much kick my a#$ if I ever say something bad about Arieanna. The bond between these two shows how true inside they both appear out to reflect their personality as great models with a strong friendship. We congratulate Arieanna and Andrae on getting married and we look forward to hearing some of they happily ever after stories!


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