Connecticut Female Rapper Lady Law Returning Back To Rap Music?

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Prince Vega – One of Connecticut’s most ruthless female rappers may be plotting on a return to the underground scene sooner than a lot of people may think. As a mater of fact, Lady Law’s absence increased her sense of self awareness that shows in her social media posts that continues to spread positive messages about life, love, family, and God. This pretty much means she never really actually left.


The strong messages she delivers easily suggested that the rapper may have found a brand new calling in life that has created a distance from doing music. We have learned that Lady Law’s absence from the music scene is only temporarily, and she will soon be releasing conscious songs to awake the masses up to the seriousness of important issues that barely receives any attention.


lady law 2Lady Law is not a familiar face to the Internet Hollywood universe, but soon we will witness the difference in her presence as time goes by. Back in 2012, she was arguably known as the best female rap performer rocking the underground circuit in Connecticut nightclubs. She has opened up for a numerous amount of mainstream artists and has gained a huge amount of respect along the way.


What could we expect from a more spiritual Lady Law? We honestly don’t know at this moment. We are certain that whatever difference has came in her performance will show in the work she puts out in the future. It is unclear at the moment whether Lady Law will be offered a position in the Game Of Rap series at this time. 18 rappers from all over the world will be selected to compete in a tournament that will crown Internet Hollywood’s first champions.


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