Connecticut model Bethany McMahon goes up in smoke in her new photo shoot with Raven Macabre Photography!

Photoshoots – Independent model Bethany McMahon has been keeping herself busy in the last couple of weeks and a trail of her work is being left along the way on her social media pages. The model recently teamed up with Massachusetts photographer Raven Macabre and did a shoot that included lingerie and some pretty wicked effects by the great Raven himself.


I found out about the pictures late last month when the photographer published the photos on his social media pages for everyone to see. Ever since I seen them I kept it in mind to write a story about it as soon as I got the chance. Thankfully, I have some time to fulfill the thought with action and I’m happy I finally am able to.


McMahon looked absolutely amazing and pulled off each pose with taste, class and power. She continues to get better at bringing us into her realm of imagination and Macabre is the perfect one to find when it comes to the realm of imaginations. No wonder why collaborations between these two always end up as artistic as they do!


I attached both photos I found from the photo shoot to this story for you all to check out. I’m not really sure at this moment if any more photos other than the ones in this story exist. But if it does I would be more than happy to share those as well. Check out both of their awesome work by following their pages below!


~*~*More Photos*~*~

~*~*Links & Credits*~*~

Bethany McMahon: Instagram – Facebook

Raven Macabre: Instagram – Facebook


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