Connecticut Model Bethany McMahon Officially Debuts In Internet Hollywood

Prince Vega – As Internet Hollywood finishes its third year and enters into a new age more talented individuals from all walks of life are entering just in time to get in on the action. One of those talented individuals is an adorable model from the state of Connecticut name Bethany McMahon.


McMahon is a 29-year-old model that is familiar to a lot of known names in Internet Hollywood. The gorgeous new sensation is no stranger! She has collaborated with amazingly talented published photographers like MCM Photography and Raven Macabre Photography, just to name a few.


Her commitment to building herself by photo shoots and networking has helped her gain thousands of followers on her social media fan page. The 5’7” model has been in thirteen fashion shows and photo shoots with Charisma L. Photography, Photo Punk Photography, Jlfotograffiti, Cody Burgess and more. She is also very talented at doing her own hair and makeup! You should see her amazing transition from green hair to blond!


With all this in mind, you could see why she has been considered for recruitment in Internet Hollywood. Her flexibilities in modeling stretches from high fashion to runway, conceptual and more.


“I guess you could say I never grew up. As a child I loved to play dress up and clearly never grew out of it,” she posted on her fan page. “Playing dress up as an adult is way better though, because now you get hair and makeup, better clothes and shoes! (and no adults telling you no)”


McMahon’s name will become known to our readers as more publications fill our headlines in future weeks to come. We predict the model will have an astounding year that will lead to an explosive path that will make her a household name in no time! We are happy to have this amazing model a part of our beautiful community!


These beautiful pictures in this article was taken by Constantine Manos of Atomic Canary of New England.


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