Connecticut model Channon opens up about her game changing photo shoot with Jamar Levy Visuals

Photo Shoot – Independent Connecticut model Channon recently collaborated with a talented photographer by the name Jamar Levy and the pictures turned out to be absolutely stunning. I found out about the photos over Instagram and asked Channon if she would be interested in me writing a story about it and she said yes. After that, I asked for a little of the inside details and she kindly filled me in on how it all came about and described the shoot as a “game changer” for the both of them.


“Jamar and I have been doing shoots since summer 2017. We gotten to know each other as creatives, so he makes shooting with him very easy! We’ve been planning to link up to do a high fashion shoot and were finally able to get together. we knew after seeing the first picture that this shoot was going to be a game changer for the both of us.”


I was sent three photos from the photo shoot but a total of four has been published on her page. You could check them out by clicking the highlighted links next to their name below.


I don’t know too much about Channon or Jamar but both of their pages have a lot of great content that makes me want to learn more about their abilities and how everything came about in the beginning stages of their career. I’m hoping that I could interview the two of them and keep tabs on all of their latest work for the purpose of writing about them on the website more. They both a very talented!




Channon: Instagram 

Jamar Levy Visuals: Instagram

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