Connecticut Model Hannah Kjelden has been selected to walk in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in May!

Internet Hollywood – Independent Connecticut model Hannah Kjeldsen has been chosen to walk in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show that is now scheduled to take place in May. Kjeldsen was selected out of a list of 16 models that also participated in the casting call on August 19, 2017. Each model walked to the sounds of good music played by AJ Ace of Flames and put on the best walk they could for the designers that was present at the party.


Kjelden being selected is a historical moment since she is the first model to get selected to do Internet Hollywood’s very first fashion show. A few of the others selected are also friends of hers as well.  I’m sure this news will give them a whole lot to celebrate as well.


Due to miscommunication with a third-party involved, the fashion has been postponed a few months from its original date, which was out of our control. Sometimes things happen that we wish we could prevent but the reality is good at reminding us that things don’t always go in our favor.


More announcements involving the people selected for the fashion show will be announced throughout the entire month. The names being revealed as part of the Arlene Diaries series that starts on February 1st and ends March 2nd. The exact date and location of the event will not be revealed but the event has been confirmed for the month of May.


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Hannah Kjelden: Instagram

This photo was taken by Darkest Before Dawn: FacebookInstagram

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