Connecticut Model Joetry Just Joined The Internet Hollywood Party & Promo Team!

IH News – Internet Hollywood Vega (Vaughka) is adding fuel to his new party team he’s been putting together for Internet Hollywood and one of the names of the people involved with the team has just been revealed. Independent Connecticut model Joetry has found her place in the new team after being sent an invitation to join the new promo group that is expected to put together a lot of fun projects; including parties, radio shows, indie films, photo shoots, fashion shows, award shows, magazines, and more. The new team was made to support the cross promotion of talented people looking to build their portfolios, experience, base, connections, and more. Members of the teams are also receiving an endless amount of updates on all of their latest news, projects, upcoming shows, collaborations, and more. “I’ve known Joetry for years and she’s always been supportive when it came to Internet Hollywood,” Vaughka said. “She was actually a person I added to our sales-marketing team in the past before I decided to put it to the side to do some revamping. Now that things are back in place I thought it would be a great idea to add her to the new team with a lot of other great people. I think she’s perfect for the movement.” The team is now in effect and everyone will notice the difference in how things are done with Internet Hollywood because of it. Welcome to the team Joetry!


This news was first made public on our Instagram at @internethollywood




Joetry: Instagram

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