Connecticut Model Joetry To Become Internet Hollywood’s First Ambassador!

IH News / Models – Independent Connecticut model Joetry has been a huge supporter of Internet Hollywood for years and has credited the movement for supporting her in the beginning stages of her independent modeling journey. Her recent radio interview with Vaughka will be the first to air on August 2nd and a few others are also added to that lineup of interviews, but lets not switch subjects. Joetry’s strong interest in filling the shoes of an Internet Hollywood ambassador comes with a test she’s willing to face as we take on a new style of reporting things in the Internet Hollywood universe. She will be apart of that great transition into that next phase and will be the birth mark of new history in Internet Hollywood forever. So now that we could imagine the weight, we could only imagine the presssure. Could Joetry overcome the challenges in her new journey? Soon we’ll find out!

*This photo was taken by Christina Danielle



Joetry: Instagram

 Christina Danielle (Photographer): Facebook

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