Connecticut model Joetry to return to modeling next week on September 14th!

News/Photoshoots – Independent Connecticut model Joetry was busy doing other things while modeling was on the back burner but now she is plotting on making an epic return and is currently setting up photo shoots. Joetry took a break from modeling a long while ago to handle other things in her personal life and that was understandable on both ends. Although she did take a little break, I kept my offer open to assist her with whatever she needs just in case she does decide to return back to modeling and I’m happy she did.


I learned of Joetry’s plan to return to modeling earlier this week when she revealed it during a conversation we were having over messenger. She told me she was hoping to get back to networking and photo shoots for her portfolio. She also revealed to me that she will be one of the models walking at the New York Fashion Week. After hearing all of that I definitely had to make time to work on a story to share with everyone!


Joetry has been a person of interest to our network since May 2016. She was recruited on to our sales & marketing team in that year and received a total of six publications since she been on Internet Hollywood’s radar. Now that she’s on her 7th publication it is easy to predict that she is going to have far more coming as we get closer to the third quarter of the year. I look forward to working with her and writing about all of her latest news as she kicks off return to modeling. Welcome back Joetry!



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