Connecticut model Makeaviini channeled her inner-goddess during her casting call walk at the Internet Hollywood party and Éhro took pictures after!

Internet Hollywood Party – Connecticut model Makeaviini pretty much proved she had all the moves at the Internet Hollywood party. She came prepared and dress in a pretty hot outfit that she put to work for the cameras that took pictures and Éhro definitely made sure he got some shots in as well.

I have been writing up stories on a lot of the photos he took at the Internet Hollywood party because they are pretty damn awesome. He has tons of great photos of amazing people that are talented and I got the green light to feature any photo I please so my wings are loose. lol. Makeaviini is a model I have been really interested in learning about after seeing how well she did at the casting call. She was the second model to walk in it.


No chosen names have been revealed by any of the designers at this time but more designers are eyeing the Internet Hollywood fashion show and have been reaching out to get involved. I also got in touch with a few more designers that are also interested in showing their designs at the fashion show. The show has been pushed until April 2018.


Makeavinni’s confidence was shown in her walk that took her across the floor smoothly as if she slid across ice. Each step was perfectly calculated, balanced, relaxed and very entertaining to watch. After she posed for Kylan Harmony in the casting call she proceeded to walk up the inclining floors of the theater and then every model that walked after followed. But is it enough to get the model in the fashion show?


We will have to wait and see!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Makeavinni: Instagram

Ehro (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

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