Connecticut Model MiMi To Co-Host Internet Hollywood Party In Worcester, Massachusetts On April 22nd

Announcement – One gorgeous model from the state of Connecticut just accepted Prince Vega’s invitation to co-host Internet Hollywood’s upcoming party in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd. MiMi recently received an invitation to play a huge party in Internet Hollywood’s upcoming event that is expected to have a large crowd. The event is semiprivate that will be taking place at The Raven Club.


Mimi was one out of a few choices that was selected by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega who felt that the model was the perfect fit for our first party of the year. Mimi is the first Hispanic model from the state of Connecticut that has secured a positive reputation in Internet Hollywood with 10 published stories that started in the middle of May 2016.


The success for Mimi in Internet Hollywood grew to greater heights after the model ranked #10 on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart in January of last year. MiMi has also shown a strong interest in being one of the thinkers behind the ideas developed for Internet Hollywood. One of her biggest advantages is that she has known Prince Vega longer than any other model in Internet Hollywood.


Back in May 2015, Mimi became the fastest growing model in Internet Hollywood after surpassing former ProjectXPlatinum member Bella in front pages stories with nine in total. We are hoping to mention some of this history at the Internet Hollywood party.


This gorgeous picture of Mimi was taken by BeyondXSelfish.


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