Was Connecticut model MiMi Twerking at the Internet Hollywood party?

Holly Scoop – Internet Hollywood party host MiMi was so adorable with the red and black dress she wore to the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts. The model came prepared to lead and succeeded with an iron fist and it was noticeable. Even with the technical difficulties with the microphone, she kept her voice in the ears of her crowd and kept her point clear. But that’s not what this article is about. LOL


From what I seen, Mimi wasn’t as open as I thought she would be at the event. One thing I know about her is her ability to keep a conversation as long as she’s interested. She’s is by far one of the smartest models I know. But this night was a little bit different. She was pretty calm almost the entire night. It almost felt like she wasn’t talking much but that wouldn’t be true at all. It was just a feeling I got. That’s until I started seeing things later on in the night.


Now I’m not saying she burst out of her school teacher outfit and had the club dropping their jaws to the ground. What I am saying is a lot of people noticed moments where the model would playfully dance to the music Kila Trax was playing for about a second then playfully twerked. One of these moments happened on stage. I would assume if the music was more her type the club she would have necks snapping all across the bars. Maybe next time? LOL


Mimi was made the host of the event after I sent her an invitation earlier this month. She is someone that I’ve known before any other sensation in Internet Hollywood and I plan on working with her a lot in the future. I hope we see this gorgeous model at our next party in late July. I also like to think the amazing Holbrook Photography for taken this picture of MiMi.


MiMi: Instagram
Holbrook Photography: Facebook  – Instagram



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