Connecticut Model Ni Breezy to pursue modeling as an Internet Hollywood model

News – Independent Connecticut model Ni Breezy is beginning a new journey in modeling and she has decided to take on the route of having Internet Hollywood guide her. The model was recently added under our umbrella after having a few discussions with Prince Vaughka this week and things are already put in motion to kick off things at her new home. Internet Hollywood acts as a news platform for everyone so it is very rear to hear about any model being represented by Internet Hollywood. Vaughka feels investing his time in pushing Ni Breezy would open his mind up to pushing more people. He says he is simply “testing the waves” to see how it goes.


Ni Breezy is currently located in New Haven but she was born in Bronx, New York and she considers herself an aspiring model that wishes to fulfill her goals in becoming a worldwide sensation. She has some level of experience and has collaborated with a couple of talented photographers. More information on her will be learned as we set up interviews with her to publish on the website. The pictures in this story were taken by a talented photo by the name of J Mica Photography. He is also followed by a few models we published on this website before.


Vaughka’s decision to work with Ni Breezy came after he learned about her personality, views, goals and past experience. He considers her very humble, motivated, funny, talented and open-minded. The led that was shed through his conversations with her convinced him that he would make a great decision taking her on. A few things that have been planned are radio interviews, features, films, event appearances, fashion shows, video appearances and more.


Although we have yet to learn where the origin of her name comes from, we will open our minds up to her explanations in future interviews that we do with her. She also shared that she had thoughts of pursuing music and she even spit a few bars to Prince Vaughka over the phone. She is the first model that Vaughka selected this year to be represented by Internet Hollywood. A total of 25 models will be selected in each state Internet Hollywood is in. It’s going to be interesting seeing how this partnership works out. We will just have to wait and see!



Ni Breezy: Instagram

J Mica Photography: Instagram

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