Connecticut Model Sasha Lethal appears in Marcus Gramz (GOLD) new music video “I AIN’T CUFFIN U”

Underground Musicians – Hip Hop artist GOLD has been hammering the underground music scene with a lot of hot music and videos for everyone to enjoy and he has been showing a lot of love and support for others. We recently wrote about a new music video titled “I AINT CUFFIN U” he recently released with a singer from the state of Connecticut named Ru Williams. But we didn’t add who was in it.


One of the faces in the video is a familiar one to a lot of people that attended the Internet Hollywood party back in August. She was also featured on twice in the past this year, before the party and after. We also shared a picture of her alongside independent Connecticut model Jwolf. She’s an independent model from the state of Connecticut by the name of Sasha Lethal.

No words of her appearance in the video were known before. GOLD calculates his releases very well so time is the essence when trying to find out things when an artist is at work. But I learned about her appearance shortly after finding the music video circulating through shares on Facebook. I was interested in writing about GOLD then noticed her doing her thing in multiple scenes in the music video. So I braced myself for two stories instead.


Lethal has been modeling independently for years and has a lot of good work that could be found on her Instagram. I look forward to interviewing her sometime again in the future. You could check out the awesome music video below!

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Sasha Lethal: Instagram

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