Connecticut model Taylor says she wants to major in psychology & minor in business, talks modeling, wanting to open a rec center, and more!

Models – Independent Connecticut model Taylor has been coming back to grips with her passion after taking a little break from it to handle things in her personal life. But as a first time mom she has managed to find time through her hard working schedule to take steps into fulfilling her dreams as a model. I caught up with Taylor for the very first time to answer a couple of questions I had written to get her story to share with you all. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Interview /w Taylor *~*~


Internet Hollywood: Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe Taylor. This is our very first interview together and it excites because your a operational officer in the Internet Hollywood party division and we spoke on many occasions. It’s seems like many of our exciting conversations but just written down. LOL. I appreciate your time and I look forward to your responses to my questions. Since this is our very first interview we will have to start from the beginning. Could you fill our readers in on who you are, where you from, and what you do?


Taylor: Yes. lol. Thank you for choosing me to be apart of the team by the way. But hello everyone. My name is Taylor. I’m a 23 year old freelance model from Windsor Connecticut. I work full time at a group home & also a mom. I took a break from modeling for about two years & I feel like this is a good time for me to get back into the game. It took some time for me to come back just due to being a new mom & finding a good balance to do everything that I want to do. I mean, it’s still difficult but it is what it is. Lol I just have to roll with the punches right? But I enjoy what I do for the most part. When it comes to modeling, I love getting all glammed up & taking pictures. I feel like a totally different person when I’m in front of the camera. Modeling is like art. It’s creative & there’s always something new to try or to see when it comes to modeling. It keeps me on my toes so that’s why I like it so much. I’ve never been the type to like an everyday routine. Lol but other than modeling I do like to help people. I plan on going back to school to major in psychology & minor in business. I’d like to open up a rec center for kids so that they have a safe place to go to & counseling/guidance if needed. I’ve realized that I like to help people since I was in high school & always wanted to work with kids/teens. I also would like to work with mother’s eventually as well. Being a parent is a wonderful thing. I love my baby to pieces but it’s not the easiest job. So having that safe place & being able to take care of yourself mentally is very important for the mom & as well as their children. All it takes is a listening ear & some hugs to make a difference sometimes.


Internet Hollywood: You have express your ability in modeling in many forms as shown in your collaborations with talented photographers like Mark Muphy. What inspired the confidence you had when you decided to start modeling in your teenage years independently and what kind of photo shoots do you see yourself doing?


Taylor: I’ve always wanted to model since I was maybe 15-16… but things didn’t go as planned. I honestly got into modeling because of my cousin. She gave me the confidence to just go for it & we were in it together. Then I met mark. He’s like my second dad lol he’s been very supportive throughout this journey. I’m very grateful that I’ve met him. He’s the reason why I’m on a cover of a book & made it into magazines. I’ve felt discouraged & he would remind me why I shouldn’t & to keep pushing. But as for photo shoots I mean I opened to trying new things. I’m just not into the vixen shoots (if that’s what they’re called lol) not saying it’s bad. It’s just waaay out of my comfort zone. I don’t mine being nude sometimes but as long as it’s artistic. & I also wouldn’t mind doing editorial.


Internet Hollywood: One think that always strikes me is your funny sense of humor and how open you are when it comes to expressing yourself. Those characteristics leaves me to believe that there is more than one thing you would like to do besides modeling. Are there other things in your life that you would like to turn into a long term career?


Taylor: Lol aaaw shucks you think I’m funny? Thank you lol. & I kind of answered that question already by accident lol but oh well. I would like to go back to school so I can open up a Rec center and to talk to people about their everyday struggles. Specifically focusing on kids/teens and mothers. Besides modeling & going back to school, I would like to get into acting. I have a big personality & im “animated” as a lot of people say so why not go for it.


Internet Hollywood: What goals are you hoping to fulfill this year to get you closer to the thought that satisfies you the most when it comes to getting to that next stage in your independent career?


Taylor: I’m hoping to do more networking, photo shoots & runway. Just stepping outside of the box a little because sometimes I can doubt myself. I am my worst critic sadly. So accomplish that would make me very satisfied.


Internet Hollywood: What’s pretty exciting is that news came out that you were a new Operational Officer for Internet Hollywod’s party division. Congratulations again! What many people don’t know is that you have been playing a role in putting together Internet Hollywood’s next party as well. Without revealing any details on the event, how has the process been going and how would you describe the experience in putting together a party with a team in Internet Hollywood?


Taylor: Thank you 😊 I honestly love it. It puts my creative mind to work. I’m enjoying the process so far and I can’t wait to see the end result.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that everyone should expect from you in the future and are you currently working on any projects right now?


Taylor: Just collaborating with different people, watching me grow as a person & seeing me step outside my comfort zone. Hopefully start my blogging page .. which is going to take some time but I’m going to make it happen.
Besides planning the IH party, I’m going to sign up for a bathing-suite contest. So I’m focusing on preparing for that event. Hopefully that goes well.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Taylor!





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