Connecticut Model Yanira was named a Internet Hollywood Chief Operating Officer!

IH News –  The Internet Hollywood team has been expanding and many key positions are being filled by powerful thinkers that Vaughka feels is fit to run assignment based operations that direct many special occasions in the right direction. We learned that he recently selected a North Carolina model, who is also a friend of his he known for years, to be a Chief Sales Operator of one of his sales divisions that holds its own team of marketers that are eager to take a swing at their new tasks. Now we have confirmed that a bigger position has been filled by independent Connecticut model Yanira who will be one of the Chief Operating Officer of the party and promo teams he has set up. Yanira was chosen to fill that seat about two weeks ago and is already being filled in on the next party which she will also play a huge role in. Vega insist his decision was a well thought out one that included the approval of top figures in the Internet Hollywood movement. The new members are currently working on Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year in Connecticut that is set to take place in late August or early September!



This news was first made public on our Instagram @internethollywood




Yanira: Instagram

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