Connecticut Models Sasha Lethal and Jwolf shows off their dresses for Éhro at the Internet Hollywood Party in Manchester, CT

Internet Hollywood News – Two new faces made a special appearance at the Internet Hollywood party in Manchester, Connecticut this past week. Connecticut models Sasha Lethal and Jwolf were in center camera view for Éhro who captured stunning photos of both of the gorgeous models as they posed on the red carpet in front of the Internet Hollywood backdrop.


Lethal’s appearance at the Internet Hollywood party came as no surprise since the model was placed on a Vega flash pass that allowed the model to gain entry to certain areas of the party many people couldn’t go. The news about the model’s upcoming appearance at the Internet Hollywood party became public knowledge on August 16th when a story I published about the model attending appeared on the front page of Internet Hollywood.


Jwolf also made the best out of her first appearance with an amazing smile and positive yet very aware personality. I manage to speak with the model quite a few times shortly at the party and found her to be very cool and laid back like I imagined. She also seamed a bit shy. But it worked well for her that evening.


I got to hang out a little more with Lethal and learned a little more about the model in a very short amount of time. She comes with a very brave party attitude that’s groomed with a sense a humor that’s only understandable to those that wants to understand it. She’s a very funny person with a lot of hidden talents that I feel will contribute to an overwhelming amount of success in the future. I hope to see these two beautiful models again in October!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Sasha Lethal: Instagram

Jwolf: Facebook – Instagram

 Ehro (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

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