Connecticut Photographer David Westlake takes stunning landscape photos in Ireland

Photographers – Connecticut photographer David Westlake just showed me some incredible photos he took from his trip to Ireland in June. I learned about the trip after contacting the photographer over FB messenger to get the inside scoop on the latest things he had going on in his career field. After expressing my interest in writing a story about it he sent me a Dropbox link that directed to me to some of the photos he took while he was on his trip.


A couple of things he took pictures of was an Abandoned Cottage, Blarney Castle, Castle Kilkenny, Cliffs of Moher, Enniscrone County, and Templar Church. David and his wife have been talking about taking a trip to Ireland for years before finally going after being invited to their good friend’s wedding in Dublin. That trip ended up being a 10-day tour through the country. In one of the links in his Dropbox page David explains his entire experience in great detail. Here are some of the things he said:


“We decided to schedule two places to see each day and one “wildcard” which meant watching for the brown “points of interest” signs for anything that looked interesting. My wife and I are both history geeks so being in a place that has been inhabited for about 10,000 years was great to us.

We worked our way down the east side of the country. On the first day we visited Kilkenny. I had a difficult time saying the name of the city without adding “the bastards”. We worked our way down the coast to Wexford where we found a church that was built by the Knights Templar, then to Waterford where we toured the Waterford Crystal factory. The Irish countryside id dotted with ruins of castles and cottages that were abandoned during the famine in the 1840s.

We stayed in Cork for a few days and took day trips to Blarney Castle (we did not kiss that filthy stone), the Jameson’s Distillery where we got an education in whiskey as well as a premium tasting that included Jameson’s Black Barrel, Powers, Red Breast and Midletons. We also visited The famine museum in Skibereen and King John’s Castle in Limerick.


We moved hotels to the Seaside Hotel in Enniscrone Co. Sligo which I highly recommend. From there we drove to Galway and took a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher and a boat trip out of Doolin to the Aran Islands. Another day we went to Malin Head, the northernmospt point in Ireland. We visited a restored 19th century village and got to sample poitín (pronounced po-CHEEN), Irish white lightnin’.

We ended our trip back in Dublin where we visited Kilmainham Gaol, where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were imprisoned and executed. We also visited the Irish Archaeological Museum where we saw the bog men, perfectly preserved bodies that were found in peat bogs.
Ireland is a beautiful country I would highly recommend visiting. If you do decide to go to Ireland be sure to stop in a pub and have a pint o’ Guinness for me.


I attached a couple of wonderful pictures that David took to this story for all of you to check out. You could see a lot more photography work from David by clicking the highlighted link to his pages below!




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